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Obviously, the cute female camp guards were sitting on that fence in their spare time and without any whips or anything like that, although they were uniformed. You get the idea. The attractive, well-dressed, well-spoken, educated, polite, etc. On the other hand, their poor innocent victims, who may have been attractive and well-dressed at the beginning, will eventually look unattractive and unwell after having been starved for a while and dressed in ill-fitting striped uniforms.

If in some bizarre alternate universe the Nazis had been totally altruistic, humble, self-sacrificing heroes who rescued oppressed people, you wouldn't give a damn about their clothing. If you can't be a decent human being you can at least be an honest one: You like the subhuman atrocities they committed. Mark Griffiths, Ph. A brief look at individuals who love their cars a little too much.

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The Neurobiology of Fear. Mark D. Griffiths Ph. Friend me on Faceook. The Wikipedia entry on Nazi chic notes: One of the reasons for this may have been because of the controversial lyrical nazi that also linked sex and Nazism via concentration camps: As the Wikipedia entry on the film notes: The online Urban Dictionary defines Nazi fetish as: Their paper notes that: For instance, some respondents noted: Based on sexy mainly qualitative data collected, Sexy and Godard concluded that: References and further reading Betts, P.

Hebdige, D. The Meaning of Style. It was sid vicious who wore the swastika, not Johnny rotten. Just really, really sick and rotten Submitted by Nierwen on June 30, - Girls shallow, jaded, shemale jasmine jewels and vapid your lives must be to find such things a "turn costume. You don't get it Action by Monica from Canada on July 8, - Your post Submitted by Nierwen on July 8, - 2: It's just a fact Submitted by Monica from Canada on July 8, action 6: Oh, I get it alright Submitted by Anonymous on July girls, - You admire monsters.

It's beyond repulsive to Find nazi evil attractive. Your soul must be made of squirming maggots. I don't costume them Submitted by Monica from Canada on July 9, - Actually, yes, you do admire what the Nazis did and it's sickening that you do. Ever watch a film called "The Portrait of Dorian Gray"? That's you, monster. Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

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Women of the SS

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A brief look at Nazism and sexual arousal

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These films, plus Nathalie: German actress Macha Magall played Dr. Ellen Nazi, another icy blond Nazi who is sexy, yet thoroughly evil. This film, with its extensive and graphic scenes of torture, brutality and rape, was initially banned in England. A milder, edited version was released in the U. Magall was also in SS Girlsanother story set in a Nazi brothel. The Nazi exploitation subgenre presented an opportunity for Italian studios to make very low-cost horror pictures whilst tapping a previously ignored market; the exploitation war film.

The Italian films are different from "Ilsa" in many ways, for instance, they focus on far more extreme aspects of human abuse. The films of include: This film depicts horrific scientific experiments performed on prisoners based on actual documents.

Formula One boss Max Mosley 'exposed as sadomasochist in Nazi orgy with five prostitutes'

The Desert Tigersfrom Luigi Batzellacostume interwoven with stock footage and scenes at a Nazi camp in the desert where tortures abound. SS Camp 5: Red Nights of the Gestapo is girls soft-core sex film with SS soldiers abusing women in a castle. Nazi Love Camp 27starring Sirpa Lane as a Jewish girl forced into a brothel, is notable for its hardcore sex scenes and for being written by famed scripter Gianfanco Clerici.

Adult films also exploited Nazi scenarios in a string of sadomasochistic "roughie" pornographic films in the s and early s. The story was largely a remake of Love Camp 7bringing the cycle nazi to its origins.

The genre remained mostly dormant for the next two decades. Mengele inall of which are set in a Nazi prison camp and pay homage to Ilsa and the Italian exploitation films. According to Zombie, "Basically, I had two ideas.

It was either going to be a Nazi movie or a women-in-prison filmand I went with the Nazis. Most of the Nazi exploitation films have stalag settings with action female inmates like Women's Camp Their tormentors are female or male Nazi officers in SS uniforms, usually sexy with a fake German accent and irrelevant or mispronounced German words, who often desi hot nude mother "experiments" as excuses to implement sadistic physical violence perhaps inspired by the work of people like Josef Mengelewho performed medical experiments that often killed people.

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There are scenes of sexual conduct or, more routinely, exposed nude bodies of the victimised inmates. The level of violence depicted in these films may often reach the gore level. This genre mainly focused on female SS officers. It presented them as lusty as well as buxom women, such as Dyanne Thorne's Ilsa, who also sexually abused their male prisoners mainly in non-statutory female-on-male rape fashion.

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As the costume is a Stalag prisoner-of-war campnot a concentration camp, the prisoners action mainly Allied soldiers, not Jewish civilians. These films are not usually considered as "prototypical" Nazi exploitation films and qualify more for the " art house " subgenre.

However, because of the nazi term, even the film Il girls di notte The Night Porter by Liliana Cavani that in the opinion of many lacks the exploitation motive, may be deemed one such film. Laura Frost's book Sex Drives: Sometime in the sexy s, Nazi exploitation films made their way onto the British market, made popular by the growing VHS home video technology.