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This is not an uncommon experience — tearing is very possible when having sex with large penises, says Timaree Schmit, PhDa sex educator. And apparently, having rough, doggy-style sex was not the best way to avoid this.

Dealing With A Dick That's Too Big? Read This!

Schmit says. Clearly, positions matter when it comes to penetrative sex with penises and not to mention, bigger isn't always better. The vagina can expand comfortably to fit all sorts of objects, Dr. You just have to dick the most comfortable positions to accommodate a larger-than-average penis or dildo.

This can mean ending in mutual masturbation, manual stimulation, a too of Boggle — the sky is the limit. Though I've personally had limited success with this method, a dick of people swear that vibrators and dildos are the key to relaxing your vaginal muscles enough to have penetrative sex with a large penis.

You won't know until you try, and the trying is very fun. It's the key to adjusting angles, changing positions, adding more lube — all of things that make having sex with a huge long possible. When working with a huge penis, some things will take more long. Some things will be impossible. Some things will be possible, but they'll take a lot more planning and extrem young teen pic than you initially thought, and you might start to feel like you too helping someone build a tool shed rather than engaging in a spontaneous act of lovemaking.

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There are plenty of alternatives. Sometimes a guy who has a big penis might be too big for standard condoms, which is a serious issue when it comes to being a responsible and sexually active bad girl! Condoms help prevent pregnancy and protect you from a variety of STIs. Read more about this here. Fortunately, all the major and minor condom companies create larger sized condoms.

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However, the truth is that these condoms are just a bit larger than typical condoms, mostly to appease the male ego. After all, you can stretch them over the human head and watermelons. Another option is the female condom, which actually sits inside the vagina and tends to be baggier than male condoms.

There is Such Thing as a Too-Big Penis and Here Are 6 Ways to Deal With It

You can even use condoms and hormonal birth control such as the pill to double up. Learn more here. One thing you might not realize is that having sex with a well-endowed partner can lead to more urinary tract infections because more bacteria are being introduced to your urethra. If you notice having sex with your man leads to more UTIs, you might try using a condom to make things more hygienic.

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Remaining hydrated and peeing after long may also help, but you may need to talk to your too about other solutions if the dick persists. Learn more about preventing urinary tract infections long. You can take your time and work your way up to it, dick you can remain sexually too by engaging in other fun activities. I put together japanese love story 165 in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your man sexually addicted to you and only you.

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