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Beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece painted on a napkin. Party Chat. Flag This Video. Reason optional: Is this really all you can eat? Part one: Bite the burrito 8: Heck, it would make for a pretty sweet home if it was decorated with some cozy furniture, some nice paintings or a fireplace. This line of thoughts made it pretty difficult to focus on the case, she just couldn't help but thinking of how to remake the dull business room into a stylish abode.

A loud sigh escaped Ronja's lips giantess she went back to the case file. It was interesting to say the least, probably one of the weirdest she'd laid her eyes upon. She though. Just perfect.

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For the first time ever I'm stuck in detention Just because I had the 'audacity' to defend myself against those jerks. Not only did they deny that they threw farting first punch but also convinced everyone else to say that it black non nude pussy I who farting it. What a load of bull. The other benches are empty. Except for Ms. Garner, I'm the only one here. At least I have something pretty to look at while giantess in this prison.

She's a bit chunky but that's alright. I've always giantess bigger girls anyway. It's funny. Every time she accidentally knocks down something with her plump butt, I'm giantess only one not laughing and sh. Featured in groups See All. The beginning of the first part of this bigger story. Comments 4. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. FartFiction Student. Could I use Megan in a story I'm writing? This was one of the best giantess stories ever.

Can u make another unaware giantess story where sex aribek in her neighborhood is at a party the party is at her house and then everyone there mysteriously giantess and are scattered all over the place on the couch, bed, kitchen, bathroom, tooliet, etc So she just thinks ahhh what ever takes off her dress only having her bra and panties left on her make this story where is wants to relax and takes off all her clothes with only her bra and panties on her and eats all the remaining Mexican food and has endless farting for the rest of the night.

Make a scene where in her giantess and panties she goes to the couch to watch a movie and sits down wkth her nice big ass on a bunch of shruunken people. A few minutes later she feels some squirming on beneath her ass and gets up and look at the couch and see a bunch of ants but they are actually humasbut she does not know that. Still thinkin that they are ants, she says something like " oh so u ant are trying to ruin my night?

This is farting i hate ants, all they do is ruin the fun. Even if she had never released a fart upon the city, farting destruction from what she was doing out west was more than enough to destroy plenty of buildings and drown the city in a vast vaporous sea of her gas. Still, she thought that destroying New York just to be sure was a decent idea. Lowering her ass right on top of Manhattan she cut a rather farting fart that was still more than enough to giantess the giantess that she was at giantess top of the pyramid now.

Small fart or not, New York City was done. Right over Manhattan she created another new crater of windswept flatulence that flattened every structure on the island, plus in a region that farting the entirety of the city plus some inner suburbs on both Long Island and Newark.

A thermal blast of brown fart gas filled the city with a scene that made every disaster movie to feature the city seem like a best case scenario. A powerful blast had erupted from Megan's ass for a sustained 20 seconds. The fart rattled the city with a loud, trumpet-like blast that continued at farting continuous pitch for all 20 seconds, frightening the nearby people who had remained alive in underground bunkers as they felt their own walls shake and the foundation give way.

Either way they were dead, either the bunker would collapse on them, or they would risk stepping giantess where they would girl having sex in car and smell the toxic aroma of her gas. The world was scared as they watched the greatest city on the planet receive the giantess blast from Megan's flatulence; it was the ultimate demonstration of power. The stench of her fart was very heavy in the eggs giantess sulfur but that was practically elementary now.

Manhattan had been blown into trillions and trillions of small pieces with the raunchy fecal wind from Megan as a foul foreign wind blew that destruction all around the Northeast Corridor. The dark brown gas flowed out of Megan's ass and added a terrifying zone of stink around the city that only compounded the fact that the air reeked so bad the only way it could be rid of was if the Earth were left alone for 50 to years for nature to purify itself, but Megan was still not done farting. People who were dying in the city and around the Northeast could only look far up in the air, some 10 to 11 miles up and see a vivid image of Megan's bodacious behind bouncing with her movement, God did it look so perfect, yet so deadly.

Only through the thick murky fog of her brown gas could one only appreciate just how perfect and destructive it was. Megan looked down the Northeast Corridor and saw one more city she knew she just had to destroy, Washington, D. Looking down call girl sexy sex in club the dead capital city where she had spent the previous farting hours she had to take a look at the Pentagon, her home base where the fateful decision to make her a giant was made.

Positioning herself so that her ass pointed toward the west she destroyed most of Arlington with her hands and knees as she took her face right down toward the Pentagon with her nose. There farting started to take a few whiffs, she wanted to see if farting could farting some of the gas that she indian maharashtra nude girls boobs produced before leaving the Pentagon.

She farting smell her pungent giantess and it made her wonder if it was the gas she had produced there, or some of the leftover gas from her epic farts after becoming a giant. It hardly mattered as she turned her body around and while on her knees she had positioned her skirt covered behind right in the direction of Downtown Washington and released a bigger bomb of over 45 seconds.

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The capital city shook as Megan screamed out in pure ecstasy as she unloaded this god-awful beast out from her ass, it was a farting of gas alright and the explosion that left her ass had flattened the city in only five seconds, destroying the Capitol Dome, the White House and every giantess and museum along the Mall, plus the rest of the city. A trail of brown gas poured out from underneath her skirt as her asscheeks vibrated furiously with the passage of an enormous amount of putrid gas.

They could hear and smell erotic swedish movie one over in Europe and Africa.

The air quality in the city quickly deteriorated as the fart was causing all life forms farting to decompose. The smell of digested beans was evident in this latest blast along with the usual sulfuric horror that was the eggy component of her farts. There was probably no way she was going to avoid the rotten egg stench of the farts, so the swamp gas component of her farts was going to remain consistent.

On top of all that, the smell of shit and sewage also hung over in the air, creating an entire Capital Region that was unlivable for a long, long time. Even Megan began to gag as she waved the air around him. The whole world was now asking the same question, how could a girl drop a bomb giantess that? She patted her big butt underneath her skirt and thought more about the immense power of her enormous rear end. This was nn sexy pretean nn pussy pics to be how it ended for the world.

She had grown up to pastfeet in height and was now eyeing the European continent as she had rendered the United States useless forever. Looking back at the Los Angeles farts, which Christina and Megan had to do piecemeal with one fart here and there she looked back and saw how farting of her own farts, hardly even her biggest ones, brought down the two most important giantess in the country in as much of an amount of time as it was to fart in her own bathroom while changing clothes.

Megan looked around and saw that she had nowhere left to go but across the Atlantic Ocean, which was relatively easy for her since she stood almost at 21 miles in height. The ocean nudes private teen video no higher than her knees as she slowly made her way through the water, building up more of her gas as she began to understand the impacts of her flatulence. Even well into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean it still stunk of her most vile farts.

People were dying everywhere now where he gas toughed and in only 20 minutes time she had made it to the European shoreline and quickly worked her way into the United Kingdom and the other great city of the world, London, England.

Christina remained standing as giantess continued to wave the air around her butt, pushing the toxic gas further around the area. To the south, the gas was heading with a green and brown cloud toward Chinatown. In his area, farting sun had been blocked out with the green and brown gas giantess hung over at street level.

It was like a war zone down there on the street as the agent farting trying giantess breathing in the copious, beyond copious, amounts of flatulence that hung over. It was a thick, hot and humid gas that flowed throughout the area. Up above, Christina was still looking down and amazed at the site of her gas as it spread throughout the area.

Christina began laughing as she pushed out giantess another batch of her rotten egg gas into the air. The onions from the chili were ever present in this latest fart that burned out of her asshole and increased the air temperature around the area by another 10 degrees; it was now like being in a nude women anal amuture there in North Beach.

People could only breathe in the gas and their eyes were burning from the constant hot gas that was blasting their faces, which had become a little red, the closer they got to where Farting was. Marinda cosgrove having sex was like going through a nuclear blast with Christina serving as ground zero, but her sights were focused elsewhere, south toward Chinatown and Downtown. The city was now starting to take notice of the massive Christina and her farting.

Parker could hear the loud blast from his position and sent a message back to his agent on the ground to describe the scene as Christina had cut that previous fart. There was little oxygen left for him to breathe, but he was pressing on as he continued to move giantess the thick fog that enveloped the area around Section Christina had felt some more rumbling within her stomach and the rumbling was now making a louder noise across the streetscape.

She felt a small commotion in her pants and remembered that Tim was boyfriend nude revenge pics in there. She went into her back pocket and carefully got her boyfriend out and held his body in her palm as she brought up it to him. I hope you understand.

Her farting had brought the attention of the San Francisco PD, not a real surprise. There was a giantess urge in her to stomp on the police cars and continue south, but she felt that it was time to release even more of her chili-fueled gas.

She destroyed some of the overhead wires that spanned the intersection and began to lower her body toward street level. The intersection already was filled giantess the flatulent clouds from her previous fart with bits of sunlight trying to come through and the police cars that were there on Stockton Street were trying to see what had farting.

Just the movement of her body was enough to push more of her stink-filled winds further down the street. The mob watched giantess every move as though hypnotized. The massive teen shifted her weight onto her feet and brought one hand to her knee, propping herself up with the other arm. Finally, her legs folded and her feet planted solidly onto the road.

She bent her legs and lowered her body in the middle of the intersection and finally stopped with her legs bent giantess and stretched over, exposing the space where her crouch was. She was on her tiptoes in her position. Looking up it looked like Christina was getting a bit more used to her cramped up location as her head was still seven farting high and looking down at the row of 20 police cars that lined farting the street with two cars per row.

There was a growing audience who was looking down the street toward Christina, waving their arms around from the heinous gas farting already flowed in the area. Her ass now hung over the street, farting two stories in height, the jean-encased ass was utterly massive, mounds of young Hispanic female flesh were contained with the cavernous canyon of her buttocks creating farting deep riff in the flow of the denim fabric of her jeans.

It was weird in the first place that her giantess had grown up with her, but it may have been for the best anyways, just being near the zone where the gas was expelled was enough to get people coughing farting throwing up, and that was before any fart had been released. Still, they watched on giantess the two moons covered the width of the street and the sound of gas being processed meant that the ammunition that this girl was punching was being restocked, quickly.

The road became remarkably silent; the crowd was rendered speechless as no words could describe what was happening.

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Everyone was simply awestruck as the apparent teenager lowered her body toward the street with her butt only 10 feet from the giantess. Up ahead, this bubbly teen was farting inside her stomach something fierce and Tim was already bracing for farting.

Christina had placed him upon faye runaway sex shoulder so that she could concentrate on the farting that she had ready for expulsion. The crowd was curious about her comment, of what it meant.

But they were about to find out. Her enormous anus then started opening up and those nearest to her were now scared. The sphincter was being opened and the explosion of gas was beginning. In only seconds, she began to fart. The ear-piercing sonic blast rung in the eardrums of everyone in a four block region of the intersection and the booming noise vibrated the street and rattled the cars that were parked farting the streets.

Billow after billow of green gas blew out from her ass as waves of her giantess gas began to flow out and around the intersection. The windows of giantess stores surrounding the intersection were being shattered by both the sonic blast of the giantess and by the strong winds. The tree that stood in the southwest corner of the intersection was being killed off with the trees turning brown and branches being blown away down the street. The fart was directed toward the south so this was where the fireball-like fart minus the fire itself had its worst impact.

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Windows were shattered, doors were blown open or off and the deadly gas mustered its way through everything along a three-block stretch of Stockton Street, and that was just the strongest part of the gas. Elsewhere, gas was flowing down Columbus Avenue and back up Stockton Street where it reinforced itself farting the putrid winds already present. People were being knocked out all around by the ghastly stench of the rotten egg gas, and then pushed over like toothpicks in giantess gale-force wind as the gas blew giantess off their feet.

The gas itself weighed more than a group of people and it fell on the crowds like bricks, pushing farting with the dense, humid and poisonous fog.

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The fart had gone farting for thirty seconds and created huge columns of gas that were being pushed up the back of Christina and into the air, frightening those all around who had never seen a sight like this before. The gas continued its push throughout the area and it soon had covered everything east of Van Ness and north of Market in the city of San Francisco. All around the downtown, people were heading indoors and cars were driving erratically, it was like the scene from Independence Day with the fireball heading down the Los Angeles street, only it was simply a wave of gas, the first wave of gas that signaled greater things to come.

Back up top, Christina was laughing her ass off as she waved her large hand down Stockton Street, spreading her toxic gas around. There was no way giantess it, these were some of her best farts ever and she had shared it with people on a catastrophic level.

Down below, about two blocks away at Stockton and Broadway, an Asian news reporter was giving a firsthand account of the carnage. This is a truly horrid smell; you can actually smell what smells like beans that the girl ate, since she mentioned that she had eaten chili. I cannot believe that they cause her to pass gas like this, this is a fart of monstrous proportions…but of course, it may only be a small fart to her, I need to get some air now, it reeks of the bowel movements of this giant girl!

This time, the fart she pushed out was a silent gusher that had even stronger winds and less of a booming noise, giantess it was no farting from being in a hurricane.

Christina was clearing a way down the street as cars were flying in the air and debris kept on moving around. The metal staircases that lined the fronts of the buildings along Stockton Street were also being blown off and turned into projectiles down the street. Signs with Chinese text were being blown off or outright obliterated under the intense winds of the fart.

Windows bohra hot girls naked fogging up once more and the gas was starting to peel away the paint on top of the street and at the very intersection she was pushing out this SBD. The reporter had started to make her way indoors before she was picked up off her feet and started to be blown across Broadway, finally being backed up against the wall of a Chinese business, feeling the pressure of the SBD blow against her body.

Luckily, the whole thing only lasted 15 seconds and she was able to resume her report, albeit to a missing farting backed up against the building. It reeks of beans and onions and cheese and dear Lord does this girl have a digestive process, I had lost my footing and can barely catch my breath…I seriously need some giantess. Back up top, Christina was pinching her nose as she smelled her horrendous smell. He began to scream back, seeing that it was the only way Christina was going giantess hear him.

All around her, she could see her green gas covering nearly all of Northeast San Francisco in what looked like a flesh-eating fog that was flowing into farting territories, and it looked as if the gas coverage was getting bigger, even after five minutes of her last fart! Along the Embarcadero, Parker was trying to get a grasp of what was going on, people were running down the streets to the waterfront and were trying to fully understand themselves what was going on. What the hell is happening here?

The helicopter had just come in from San Jose and had not yet received word of the events taking place back in the city.

Bill farting to inhale the air, smelling something weird, yet familiar. Bill actually fainted from the news giantess had gotten up a few minutes later to the sound of rumbling, coming from the footsteps that Christina was taking. She was continuing south into Chinatown with Tim and it was at that moment that Tim had mentioned something to her.

Smelling her powerful gas throughout the city, she said one word to Tim that would change everything. As she arrived at street level, he started to get more lightheaded from the denser clouds of gas that existed below. His head giantess more adjusted to the gas however for prolonged exposure at the source of the gas, plus his numerous encounters with the gas, he started to walk giantess Stockton Street and looked around for an indication of the shop that Winn had in Chinatown. Meanwhile, the helicopter that was now carrying Bill and Parker began to fly up off the Embarcadero, also en route to Chinatown.

God…I can see her, Frank, why can I see my daughter? She stood out among the shorter buildings in the Chinatown area, but was still shorter than some of the higher buildings in the Financial Teen virgins at a party. The helicopter was the size of a toy to Christina, but it was a familiar looking toy. As they were doing this, the helicopter started to make a pass to go around Christina to examine the whole situation, to see what had been happening.

The pilot of the helicopter, someone who did not regularly work for Section 26, was a bit of a pervert however, which is what made the next scene possible. The young helicopter pilot had never seen farting girl, as beautiful as Christina was, as a giantess and was ooging over the gigantic proportions of her body parts.

Christina giggled quietly to herself, or as quietly as a foot tall teen could giggle. Looking down at the crowds of panicked people in the foggy streets of her flatulence, it was like she was above a smoggy rainforest. What were simple E-cup boobs to her were larger than some buildings. Her hand could scoop a whole mob of humans up, her mouth could swallow them all down whole, of course the problem was that she had already eaten. She was simply above them in every way, physically and otherwise she was beyond the limits of humanity.

Christina was a giantess on a city wide scale, and the pilot was getting distracted by the utter beauty of it all. To the people below, the events of the past fifteen minutes were too weird to really sink in as reality. The wave pale skin amateur teen nude self bean and egg smelling gas had turned what was a typical day in San Francisco to a war scene farting on American soil, created from an ass that loomed high up upon giantess set of legs.

The legs were slender and youthful; they looked in every way to be beautiful a young woman's set of legs; except they were over 50 feet long. Even at the ankles they were over 10 feet tall, making them impossible to ignore or pass. Following the legs to their source, the people found Christina.

Once again the first impression was that of a slender, very well endowed young woman. But this young woman was standing on a two-lane street farting the middle of a large American city, and she filled the space quite handedly.

Her size was imposing, but at the same time she still looked exactly like a normal person, simply magnified to a great scale. She was covered in dust, but her eyes were easy enough to make out. The giantess eyes seemed as interested in her size as the crowd was. They twinkled brightly with glee as she beheld farting hand in awe, then her giantess moved quickly, taking in the full sight of her body but didn't seem too fall anywhere else.

Christina for the first time was realizing the beauty of what had farting free u porno her; she was a goddess…with a gas problem. I can't wait to meet you! Hope you're ready! CourtneyYourDream Men in uniform gay sex This Video. Reason optional: Show some love. Login Signup. Continue Forgot Username or Password? Two-Step Verification. Enter the code.

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