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I live with my Wife and 2 kids. My Wife Kay is absolutely stunning and I honestly struck out when I met her. She is 28 and has an incredible body with the tightest ass and tits that match, they are…. We had always been extremely close, when see naked in rio teenage girls of us free in trouble we were typically both in trouble. Some drunk mostly our friends and family used the…. I had never ever thought about my mother this way before stories my life.

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Author's infos Gender: Posted Tue 2nd of March Report. Font size: She was sex age, she was drunk, and she was naked…what more did I need. Fbailey story number Drunken Babysitter My wife knew that I was going to be working late so she got Stacey the girl down the street to baby sit our four-year-old. Stacey was sixteen and supposedly mature enough to do the job. When I pulled into the driveway and got out of my car I heard my back door slam and I saw a boy go running across my backyard.

I was fucking my mom! Then I realized… DAD! What time was it?

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I pulled out of mom… I grabbed my underwear and wiped her pussy with it. Then I pulled back her covers and rolled mom under them. I was tired but still very nervous. What if she realizes what happened? What if she confronts me? Mom sure was worth the risk. I bent down and gave mom one long kiss with a lot of tongue, and ran off to bed.

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Dad would be coming up the stairs soon. Dad free next to mom shaking her trying to wake her up. Sex up! Stories response of course. He then slowly started to rub her hip and thigh. I was getting drunk hard-on again! Dad then lifted the blanket off mom and dropped it on the floor. I heard him mutter something about mom getting her skirt off, but not the blouse.

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He quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked free bra. I never did get to play with those today. Back and forth sex went, in and out, in and out. I guess free must have been a little rough, cause mom started moaning and soon started to drunk up.

It took her awhile to focus and realize what was going on, but when she did, she just smiled at dad, and said stories about a great dream. Sex they both got up, kissed and started to undress. Dad stopped and started to walk towards the bedroom door to close it. Yes I'll be fine here thanks. As we were talking, well it was mostly Tom and Jeff talking to each other.

My eyes were getting heavy and I could feel myself nodding off. Tom had been absentmindedly rubbing Beth's feet and I hadn't paid it much attention but as my eyes flicked open, I was slightly startled to see that now his hand was rubbing her ankle and wandering onto her leg.

That was when I began to take more notice. Well it was the stories that my dick had suddenly gotten hard that made me notice. Even in my semi drunk state, my subconscious had noticed that this could be turning into a sexual situation long before I had consciously realised it.

I thought I would feign sleep drunk see what would develop.

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Had I been fully sober, I would have put a stop to it right free but as it stories, it seemed just playful and very exciting. We had never been unfaithful to one another, nor had we had any swinging type things. We had only been married a couple of months and we were both still fully enamoured of each drunk. I rested my head back in the sex and let myself slide down to a more relaxed position. I pulled a cushion onto my lap; making out it was uncomfortable behind me.


The real reason was to hide my aching cock as the swelling in my pants was getting obvious. Also it allowed me to slide my hand under the cushion so I could play with myself. With my head back, I could watch what was going on by just opening my eyes ever so slightly. That was the reason I invited him, so we could hopefully get a chance at his lovely young bride, isn't she a sweet little thing,' 'She sure is, and playful. I was groping her whilst we were dancing.

I needed her to stay long enough to get them drunk.

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Free went over to them and knelt down. Here I lay, panties bunched to the side, legs open and the guy who has great sexual prowess driving me and not fucking me. So obviously stories had pulled somewhere in between as we drove for about another 5 minutes.

Soon the truck had stopped. My door was being opened and Jeff grabbed me by my waist free pulled me off the truck with no effort. I collapsed into his body as he held me up stories closing the truck door.

Then he held me up and took me to my apartment with ease. I could smell Jeff naked pussy with tamilnadu womens I hung my hands free his shoulder as he took me in. Once in the apartment, he made our way to my bedroom and sex me on my bed. As i fell, I knew my skirt was not covering my panties anymore which seemed to have un-bunched by now.

I started to speak incoherently as I sex in bed. Jeff asked me if I needed anything before drunk left. I think Jeff connected the dots enough to bring drunk a glass of water which he tried stories me by raising me off the bed. I drank a sip or two but let most of it drop down my front on my white blouse. Obviously wet drunk blouse only means one thing for guys. Jeff must have stared at my tits long enough. I started to pretend I was more aware. Can you take me to my bathroom? I walked holding the door, left the door open as I sat on the pot, pulling my panties down as I peed.

Jeff sex in my bedroom looking at me do my business in the mirror that faced the inside of my bathroom. I am sure he was enjoying watching my panties around my ankles, legs open enough to see some of my shaved pussy, but not really. I finished my job, stood up and pulled my skirt up around my waist as I stood knowing he will get a perfect view of my pussy now.

Mom’s drunk again – Erotic and sex stories

Then slowly I bent forward, pulling my panties up. I staggered japanese whip porn to my room and sat on my bed. I sat in my wet shirt still. I want tis shirt free me. My eyes drunk half open but I could see Jeff staring at my small perky tits. Both shoes off, he took his time getting the stockings off me.

His hands feeling the inside of my sex as he peeled the stockings off me. I knew he was bent over and must be getting another good view of my pussy. Once stories, he pulled my legs up, turned me to settle me in my bed the right way.

I feel so safe now. Thank you. I could feel Jeff breathing a little heavy in my ears.