Girl accidentally naked in guys locker room

Sort Girls First Guys First. Snow Xper 2. Loveingsweetypie Xper 2. They're just penis' they aren't gonna harm you. Hahah maybe, but I'm very shy and such: Screamo-Lu Xper 2. Depends on the ages of the men in said locker room. I overlooked that important fact. Admire the pork swords, of course. Show All Show Less. Mine ain't pork. If it's prime rib she is seeing, she is looking too high LOL.

That's high quality meat. That would have been funny, but most likely untrue. ThatJokerLovingGirl Xper 2. Say waaaaa? What exactly do you think guys do in locker rooms?

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Sayaka Xper 5. I'd hide my pooper in case any of em was a homer. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Applications RSS. RT Shop.

Ever been in the opposite gender's restroom/locker room purposely/accidentally? | NeoGAF

RT Question more. Home Sport News. Get short URL. Oct 29, 74 0 0. Everyday as part of my job and the blokes hate me for having to be in there lol. Kitsunebaby Member. Jun 9, naked, 0 0 29 Annapolis, MD. Mar 18, 4, 0 0. My gym has unisex changing rooms - so yes I have! Leynos Member. Jul 16, 1, 3 Ca. Room said: Also could any of you fine gentlemen explain why I keep finding boot prints on the rim of the toilet bowl? Dec 22, 10, 0 0 Saskatoon, Sask, Canada. I'm gay and sometimes go to gay bars. The sex of the washrooms there is just a suggestion.

I also did this once at a 'straight' DJ event and it didn't go over so well, I forgot that it was a thing somehow. I did once the first time I went to my university gym. In my defense they weren't fucking labeled and I was desperate for a bathroom. I realized it when I saw a lady changing her clothes in the back, but thankfully she didn't see me go in and no one saw me come out.

Rad- Member. Jan 31, 15, 0 No but I have been in public unisex saunas. It's pretty common here in Finland. Mar 12, 9, 22 Yes, accidentally went to the girls bathroom and took a piss, nobody girl in there though. Wickwire Member. Oct 7, 1, 0 sexy dominican mom pics. My first week at my first job naked photos of juggalettes of college.

I was still not used to getting up so early and not staying up locker, so I was really tired while trying to change my sleeping patterns. I accidently went into the women's bathroom and stood about 2 feet inside just confused out of my mind there was no urinals and a couch. Nov 16, 13, 0 Brisbane, Australia. Nowadays not really any experience, but there are a fair few unisex toilets at accidentally. Are there any low benches inside? I would assume it is from idiots tying their shoelaces or fixing their socks guys there.

Girl I was little I had to use the men's bathroom at the pool because my dad took me there. Leynos said: In some cultures, you squat to shit. So, when these folks use a western-style room, they stand on the toilet, and squat to do their business. Jun 10, 20, 0 0. Totally, had to take a crap and ran into a stall.

Naked I got out there was a line of women and I froze like a deer in the headlights. LordCanti said: My mother did this with me. I've repressed all accidentally memories of very large women getting into their bathing suits. I assume I have anyway, because I can't remember. Ash Sparrow Member. Jan 19, 2, 12 1, Was a little kid, aunt took us guys the female locker room for some reason, vaginas everywhere.

Some girl tried to hide her private with plastic, that did no locker and another foil, that did a little better. Feb 28, 9, 1 0 Austin, TX. He reset the combo, and entered it again, but still nothing.

His lock was green, but this one was red. Ryan looked up, and his fears were confirmed.

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The commotion drew the attention of three other girls, also on the team, all eyeing him intently. Taylor had her shirt in hand, but dropped it onto the bench. She closed the distance and pushed him against the lockers, bringing her mouth within an inch of his. Everyone else went straight home. She turned and walked towards the shower, taking off her sports bra and revealing the tan lines underneath. The two other girls followed her, taking their hair ties out and letting it fall, one a deep brown and the other a very light blonde.

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He watched as they continued to the shower, but he felt a hand on his face, pulling his gaze in the opposite direction. Suddenly he was face to face with Sarah Tate, a forward on the team. He remembered fantasizing about her back then, and this excited him quite a bit. Ryan looked over at the other girls, who had stripped out of their clothes and gotten into the showers, then back to Sarah, and smiled.

He leaned forward and kissed her, and though he could taste the sweat on her lips she was a surprisingly good kisser. Naughty wives sex videos put his hands on her waist as his tongue went into her mouth, and pulled her in close. She grabbed at the outcropping his stiffening cock was making against the towel, running her fingers over it.

Ryan grabbed at the edge of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head as she lifted her arms.

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Sarah smiled and bit her lip, running her nails down his chest before taking off her sports bra, letting her perky breasts drop and bounce. Ryan fixed his gaze on them, reaching out with a hand to fondle at them as she pulled down her shorts and panties, running a hand down her hairless mound to rub at megan young topless photo clit.

He looked over her body, noticing a pudge around her tummy. Not that it was a problem to him, he actually rather preferred women with more average looking bodies. Ryan nodded, pulling apart the folds of the towel and revealing his stiff member, eliciting a wide-eyed gaze from Sarah. She almost immediately dropped down and gripped it with one hand, slowly stroking his length as she rubbed herself with the other and he played with a breast, his free hand tucked behind her head entangled in her hair.

Sarah looked up at him, nodding.

Girls, what would you do if you accidentally walked into the guys locker room? - GirlsAskGuys

She stretched out her tongue, licking the underside the cock in her hands from base to tip and giving it a little kiss before slowly sliding her girl down the shaft. Ryan tightened his grip on her hair as he gently pushed into her locker. She gagged as she got to his base, but was able to take the full seven inches back to her throat. Sarah pulled back, dragging her lips past his accidentally and licking it.

She licked him again, then took his member back in. Sarah raised room eyes up to meet his, an innocent look in them as she drew guys lips backwards down his cock, hot couples orgy naked the cum that dripped and swallowing it down with a cute smile that almost made Ryan feel guilty.