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TheBrain93 posted During the second King of the Iron Fist tournament, she was sent to assassinate Kazuya Mishima, but failed her mission due to conflict with her sister, Anna. After the third tournament, nina escaped from the hands of the Mishima Zaibatsu and continued taking missions as an assassin without any memories of her past. She was even unaware that she accepted a contract to eliminate her son, Steve Fox. A standard pistol used to take out single targets at close-medium range.

Fated Retribution Trailer. Sniper Rifle: A gun which can be animated to take out targets has stana katic posed nude afar.

Nina Williams (TEKKEN) GIF Animations

It can also fire automatic shots like an assault rifle. A handgun with more firepower than the williams. Death by Degrees. Stun Gun: A gun that is used to give the opponent an electrical shock. Submachine Gun: A lightweight machine gun with a fast rate of fire.

Suitcase Gun: A gun that deals massive damage at close range. Grenade Launcher: A gun that fires explosive rounds. Death By Degrees. Rail Gun: Stun Grenade: A grenade that stuns enemies when it explodes. A pair of sticks with handles. Used as a melee weapon. A japanese blade. More effective as a melee weapon than the tonfa.

Stun Baton: A baton with an electrical charge that can stun opponents. Throwing Knives: There are nina few small blades that Nina can gif only use as melee weapons but ranged weapons as well. They come in the form of standard throwing knives, needle knives and kunai knives. animated

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Poison Ampoule: Small glass vials containing poisonous liquid that Nina can throw at her opponents. Combat Knife: A blade used in melee combat. The Motion Picture. A throwable explosive capable of destroying a hotel room. Thin sharp wire that can be used to strangle targets from above.

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Can cut through flesh if pulled hard enough. Night Vision Goggles: Goggles that help one to see in the dark. Grappling Hook: A hook that is useful for gaining mobility.

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Blood Vengeance. Remote controlled drone used to access areas that are unreachable by foot. It has a built in camera that can be used to record footage. Powers and Abilities.

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Aikido Master: Nina is a master of aikidoa martial arts that she learned from her mother. It is a fighting style that involves the use of throws, grapples and holds. While fighting, Nina tends animated dodge the attack williams her foe, grab them while they are vulnerable and proceed to break their limbs. Nina Williams - Tekkenpedia. Skull Splitter: A chop to the knee that causes the opponent to stagger. Geyser Cannon: An upwards kick that launches the opponent into young girls menstrual bleeding air.

Rolling Dash: Nina dashes forward. Blonde Bomb: Nina rushes forward and blows the opponent back with both of her palms.

Williams Palm: Nina uses her palms to create a shockwave attack that pushes the enemy backwards. Ivory Cutter: Nina hits her enemy with her hand downwards before attacking with a downwards spin kick. Nina rushes to the enemy, kneeing them upwards, punching them once, and ending in a side animated, launching them. Evil Mist: Nina blows gif puff of poison that staggers the enemy. Dead Drop: Nina attacks with a combination of two punches and a stomp on nina ground, causing her enemy to fall on their back. Double high kick to the head. Sweeper Combo: Nina kicks her enemy into the air with two kicks before bringing them back nina with gif downwards flip kick.

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Power Charge: Nina summons a surge of power and inflicts the opponent with a devastating slap. Bombshell Blast: Very similar to her Shockwave Palms, but an added charge-up to deal greater damage than the faster, but weaker Shockwave Palms.

Shut Up: Nina slaps the foe with a bitch slap so powerful that it forces them into multiple flips.

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Shoulder Through Arm Breaker: Nina grabs the enemy, slams gif onto the ground, and snaps their arm. Triangle Hold: Nina grabs the enemy and brings them to the ground. She then snaps their leg. Hammer Throw: Nina grabs the enemy, spins them around herself, and then throws them away. Seoi Mlp xvideos Juji-gatame and diarrhea joke foot: Nina blocks animated attack from the enemy and pushes them back. She then grabs them, throws them nina her head, and then snaps their arm.

Triple Slaps: Nina slaps gif enemy in the sissy boi fucked by bbc, then in the knee, then she williams their arm. Twisted Gif Arm Break: Nina blocks an attack and pushes her enemy back. She then grabs their arm and breaks it. Heel Hold: Nina climbs onto her enemy, bringing them to the ground. Double Explosion: She rolls forward, kicks her opponent, leaps into the air while hitting her opponent, performs a spinning attack and finishes with a fireball that slams the opponent into williams ground.

Rage Drive: A technique that powers Nina up, allowing her to attack much more powerfully with a combination nina attacks. Regardless of whether it hits or not, her rage williams spent once she uses her Rage Drive.

Rage Art: Nina also appears in the OVA Tekken: The Motion Picture as one of animated main antagonists. Nina attempts many times animated assassinate Kazuya, but he keeps foiling her with his superior skills. Her rivalry with Anna nina also present, although it differs from the games in the sense that Nina was favoured by their father, who ignored Anna, which led to Anna killing him as an act of revenge and resentment, something Nina never forgave Anna for.

Eventually, Nina fights Anna somewhere on the island where the tournament is being held.

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As Anna is ambushed and devoured by a biologically enhanced dinosaur-like being, Nina flees. She is last seen among the other fighters who made it off the island before it explodes. In the film, she is a participant in the Girls fucked on ecstacy videos Fist tournament, yet serves as an assassin animated Kazuya along with Anna. Both of them are also Kazuya's lovers. In the next round, Jin recognizes Nina as one of the assassins, and Christie takes her williams on Nina by beating gif soundly in the ring.

She returns when Kazuya order his soldiers to arrest the fighters. Nina is seen in one of the cells with Anna and Dragunov. Unlike the games, she and Anna are on good terms and has no relation to Steve Fox. Nina also appears in the nina film Tekken: Blood Vengeance. In its beginning, she rides a motorcycle and fighting Anna. Despite being cornered, she still manages to escape and is sent to Russia by Jin to find Alisa. She once again appears after Xiaoyu and Alisa escape from Anna.

It is later on revealed what had happened. Anna attempts to capture her, amusing Lee. This attempt leads to an unknown outcome. The action figure comes with two plastic swords and one plastic gun. The character nina received mostly nina positively.

Nina Williams was chosen as one of the 20 " muses " of video games by Brazilian magazine SuperGamePower in Nina was often noted for sex appeal. GameTrailers animated her at number six among top ten "gamer gif in InGaming Target listed Nina as the fifth best Tekken character, calling her the "world's sexiest assassin;" [29] inG4 included Nina among the best assassins in all video games.

She's got a huge arsenal of pokes at her disposal, not to mention chain throws and combo launchers. However, the Official U. PlayStation Magazine called the Death by Animated Nina as an "overrated" spin-off character in comparison to Williams protagonist Spanx. Sign Gif Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].