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There are a few programs we know conflict. We support you attending those, but we encourage you to come to the parts of NUBE that don't overlap.

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We just need to know in advance. Check our FAQ page for details on conflicts. There are no fees assessed for move-in on Wednesday, August 21 or later, since that is the first day of regular move-in. Through NUBE, you have the option of moving in to your residence hall room early at your own expense. From our experience, many students, parents, and guests prefer the early move-in option because it beats the crowds and long lines at the elevators during normal move-in.

The state's abortion law, set to take effect Aug. By Kimberley Richards.

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The law required doctors to tell patients they could reverse their "medicated abortion" if they acted quickly and underwent what a judge called "unproven medical treatment.

Several women read emotional statements expressing their anger and frustration with the now-defunct case. By Sara Boboltz. By Sara Bondioli.

Exhibit: Alejandra Delgado

Alexa Terrazas Lopez, 23, survived the fall, but reportedly suffered severe fractures in her legs, arms, hips and nose after losing her balance. By Yahoo UK News. She says change has to come from the top.

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But even as they moved up the ranks — and even as natural hair became more visible in entertainment and on women red carpet — Reid and Bailey continued to feel pressure from upper management. Then, when Bailey moved down to Virginia for a new job, on-air image consultants advised her to cut her straight hair into an anchor bob, and she happily obliged. Right before the NABJ conference, Bailey met with a new consultant who planted the idea in her head. Just days prior to the event in New Orleans, she had a frank conversation with the consultant, a white woman.

Bailey had been news heat on her natural hair nube day, which led really cute male actors nude shedding and, ultimately, a small bald spot. I was offended, but news I stepped into the hotel [for NABJ], it was a nube of weaves and bobs, and light, loose curls.

When Tamron Hall wore her cropped curls on The Today Show inshe did so because she didn't have time to blow dry and flatiron it the night before — but fans went wild for the moment of representation. Inbreast cancer survivor Robin Roberts shed her wig on Good Morning America, with a five-word declaration: Ask makeup artist Carovillano for women reason behind all this embellishment, and she replies with just two blunt words: The expectations for male anchors are not as exacting as those for their female counterparts, she observes.

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Floyd puts it more bluntly: Despite its recent management shake-up following allegations of harassment, it is still Fox that sets the ultrapulchritude trend.

At Fox, dresses are offered by the network as an option to the anchors, many of whom have lashes that are painstakingly individually applied. You want to make it pop!

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

At CNN, for instance, home of some much-vaunted serious news shows, Poppy Harlow wears demure white blouses with high, round necklines and Fox refugee Alisyn Camerota wears modest Nine West heels and muted lip color. And the upper lids of many CNN women are lined with strips of dark false eyelashes. This is how I like it! Many years ago, when appearing as a guest on a news show, I noticed one male anchor with excellent hair had his own special brush, a natural-bristle groomer, which was kept pristine inside its own special bag.

How Female Anchors Really Feel About The Unspoken Dress Code For Women In TV News

A heavy sigh from Flora. Do you want a Kardashian smoky eye with so much shadow and makeup? Or a smoky eye with no visual definition at all? It means, as the beauty experts of cable news will tell you, that insecurity can rule in the makeup room. Crying jags, fears of being fired or being demoted, the treachery of boyfriends: It all gets unpacked here.