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NUDE BEACH in Ko Phangan!

I find it quite shocking how many of you eigher live here or at least visit regulary and have no clue about how things work here. As a westerner I have no problem with people going topless in their own country or anywhere else where it is accepted.

If you saw girl Thai girl going topless it would almost certainly be bargirl. These girls are already looked down on i love hairy pussy gif most mainstream Thai's and are somewhat rebellious. This is why they get tatoos, toungue piercings etc. I think you'll find nearly all guide books say in the opening chapter that this is one of the things you shouldn't do here.

I don't like these guide books and they are often wrong about many things. You're not so worried about misrepresentation of Kazak culture then. Fact is that Thai men would walk ten miles to see western ladies naked. Thats their culture, irrespective of what Joe Cummings in Lonely Planet says!! In koh days before I became a failure, I took a group of well known Thai businessmen to one of Chuwits joints. When eating our suckling pig, the Mama came and asked us for our 'orders'. I actually made the effort to go downstairs and have a look to choose.

The Thai guys just muttered between mouthfuls "Nom Yai". That was nude. Culture is what people do in real life, not some edict of books you read in the library This is what they do. I,m sure we're all mature enough to discuss the beauty of the female form without this turning into a perv fest! The OP seems to be a strange bird, after reading his previous posts. I personnaly think he's a troll.

But, who knows? Samui sanemax Started August 9. By rooster59 Started 5 hours ago. By webfact Started Tuesday at Koh Samui News.

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Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Recommended Posts. Posted August 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 9, Who cares? Go To Topic Listing. Climate Change: Around 3: Here you can easily have your choice of beautiful Thai women and even negotiate down to a very reasonable price due to the lateness of the night.

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Hi mate I have 2 questions do thai call girls kiss u and what sort of beerr do they have at their bars. Yes, Thai girls do you kiss you. As far as beers, you have mostly Asian beers. Those four beers will be at every bar and club in Thailand. The bigger bars will have a larger selection. LoL, I live at many places in Thailand. Deutsch English. Lamai Wanta Beach Resort.

5 Best Places Meet Hookers and Prostitutes on Koh Samui Thailand

Distance to the red light district: Fullmoon House Samui. Samui Sense Beach Resort. In Chaweng it has two big red light district also.

D Varee Diva. Holiday Guest House.

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