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Rainbow Bridge is a very famous tourist spot. For all practical matters it is only accessible by boat. When Lake Powell is full, one can boat close to the arch, but with the lake so low it was an easy, worthwhile half-hour's walk. We chose to be clothed in case we encountered other tourists, but in an uncrowded moment we managed to snap antique porn pics nude photo.

Our most interesting side trips were into the many the less spectacular, very narrow side canyons. For some such trips, the Sea Cycle proved to be the vehicle of choice. Some canyons were so narrow that the only way to explore them was to swim. The Wildwind II proved a comfortable home afloat for the nine of us. Its water slide was a fun diversion.

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Save Password. Register Forgot Password? Miloss ]. I recently spent a few days boating on Lake Powell, an enormous lake on the Colorado River spanning the Utah-Arizona border. Lake powell is indeed an amazing site. Our first houseboat trip, of many, was on Lake Powell out of the BullFrog marina Thanks, Admin! Spent four days at Lake Powell last month. Dangling Rope, indeed! Did you know bare bottoms go down the slide like a greased ice cube?

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Wilson was acquired at Wal-Mart. Wilma was found in the lake. Art courtesy of Sandra and Joey. Possible new Olympic event? Boats want to lake. Boats beached in the wind require much persuasion!! Lake Powell has about a bazillion slot canyons. Maybe the Navajo Taco Super huge mature water jug tits is just a little farther ahead. Posted by SueZ at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Is it cold? Do we need shoes? View Hotel. Grand Canyon Western Ranch. The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain. Days Inn by Wyndham Chino Valley. Best Western Sawmill Inn. Hampton Inn Kayenta. Best Western Inn of Pinetop. View all hotels. Top questions about Arizona. How do I get to the Grand Canyon?

How can I see the Real Wild West? Instead of sky scrapers and their shadows, the walls were natural. Amazing people climb these massive cliffs for kicks. I began to feel more need for elbow room, the constant buzz of masses of people and clothing was getting to my nerves. I felt that I wanted to feel the air and hear this place. We finished our exploration and drove back to the parking lot where we hoped to get some privacy to camp and enjoy water. Powell was another car there. Instead of seven cars there was but one. This makes a long afternoon and although daylight, most visitors had left.

A nice young couple from Cedar City was coming out to drive home. They claimed the last car, as we began to walk in. I asked and they confirmed what we wanted to hear. I had on my boxer-like tan through swimsuit and had strapped on my new pack. We continued into our short hike to a small waterfall, DF nudists her top and me getting ready for a proper experience of nature. Then, I thought that I heard voices.

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MORE people, a family was behind us and coming up fast. We spoke with them, everyone was friendly, but we wanted privacy and we would have to wait a naked beachbabes longer for that. As I stood talking powell the thirty-something father, he kept glancing down at my crotch. Oh my, scandal! We decided that it was too dangerous to climb back over the huge rocks to get to the falls with the packs.

There was lake, water and soft fine sand. I overcame the sense of irritation and disappointment and found a spot off of the main trail, next to the stream.

We nudists surrounded by those colorful canyon walls and in trees, by water, with a good meal, sitting on a large flat rock. DF cooked, while I brushed off a sandbar between two rocks and laid down tarp and bivy bags, etc. We watched the sliver of amazing amounts of stars through the canyon walls, listening to the creek.

The ledge wall above us had water dripping down and seeping out of the rock. The sun began by giving a golden glow to the rock faces hundreds of feet above and then crept downward, as we lay in our cozy bags, watching. We found that the gas for heating water for morning oatmeal had drained in the night.

We decided to drive back to the junction for Ho-made breakfast. As we enjoyed our nudity and began to pack up, and still pretty early, two men came by, near us, instead of on the trail. I was ready to leave Zion. I had had enough of interrupted naturism.