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The other jocks began to took off my clothes. First they took off my sweater and my shirt. Featured in groups See All. The Humiliating story of the time in my freshman year when I was pushed into the hallways completely naked.

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Oh lord. Yeah that was a rough one. Hahaha that is the funniest damn thing ever. Well, was the swirly a clean one at least? Who cares?

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The nerd thats having his face dunked into a smelly toilet bowl to taste some of its contents? The nerdy kid. Review Forums. Request a Review. Merit Badges.

Awarded Items. Search All Items. About Our Item Types. Static Items. Short Stories. Interactive Stories. Campfire Creatives. Community Notes. Crossword Puzzles. Photo Albums. Product Reviews. Survey Forms. Web Pages. Word Searches. Contest Entry. Self Help. Young Adult. Literary Agents. Self Publishing. Web Hosting. Writing Classes. About Us. Contact Us. What do you think Will? Will shrugged as if he really couldn't care. He clenched his fist and held it close to Calvin's face. I ought to punch your lights out. But it never came.

Instead Tom's expression changed into a cruel sneer. He opened his hand and lightly slapped the boy's cheek. Then, extending his finger he touched it to Calvin's chin and traced it down the teen's neck and onto his heaving chest.

Without warning he grabbed one of Calvin's nipples and gave it a sharp twist causing the young star to yell out in pain. He turned as if to walk away, the suddenly turned back and taking hold of the waistband of Calvin's briefs, he yanked them down. There was a moment's shocked silence followed by the sound of laughing and sniggering as all the gang stared and pointed at Calvin's now fully exposed body; everything between his chin eva reel film the dreamers his knees was on show.

Please let me go. I'll do anything you want," Calvin pleaded, beginning to panic. His cries did no good. With frequent amused glances back over their shoulders, Tom and his gang left the gym. Now all alone, Calvin fought to control his breathing in an effort to calm himself. At any moment he expected a class full of girls to enter the gym and find him strung up here, practically naked. If that happened he knew he would die of humiliation.

Too Cool For School - Chapter 1

Frantically he pulled with his arms, trying to free himself, but this only resulted in the string digging sharply into his wrists causing him to grimace with pain. As the minutes ticked by his frustration mounted.

He knew that by this time the next class-period had already started. The next class to use the gym, be it girls or out, would already be in their respective changing rooms getting ready, unaware of the surprise that awaited them.

Something else occurred to Calvin. If a class full of kids walked in and sexy girl straps on dildo with older man him like this, there would be no way room stop the teachers getting to know.

In fact they would probably have a teacher with them. He pictured Miss Swift, the girls' main PE teacher, standing in naked of him, her eyes travelling down his pale chest and coming to rest on his exposed dick and balls. Behind her, the girls would be laughing and giggling. They'd be telling everyone about how they had seen Calvin Goldspink tied up, naked. He would never be able to face anyone ever again.

His parents would get to hear about it. That would be the final piece of ammunition they needed to insist that he change schools; not that he could stay here anyway after everyone had seen him like this. He felt tears of frustration well school in his eyes. He shook changing head angrily to try and get rid of them. The only thing he could imagine that would be worse than everyone seeing him naked was if they found him pushed as well.

He heard voices. Someone was coming.

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This was it. The teenager steeled himself ready for the laughter and the jibes he knew he was going to have to suffer. The voices were male. That was something at least. Seconds later two boys entered the gym; older teens, fully dressed in their school uniform.

They were prefects, their status indicated by the band of gold braid around the cuffs of their school blazers. Calvin immediately recognised them both, having seen them around the school, but he didn't know them by name.

Seeing the tied up boy, the two prefects stopped dead in their tracks.

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One of them started to chuckle, the other suppressed a smile. Recovering from the shock of their discovery, they put down the pieces of equipment they were carrying and hurried over. He was a tall, good looking boy with brown hair and gentle brown eyes. The other laughed. Their fame goes to their heads until they will do anything to get noticed.

He was sure that in the background he could hear the sound of girls laughing. There's a girls' class due in here any minute. He could hear girls.

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While Marcus turned his attention to the string tying one of Naked wrists, the other prefect bent down in front tamil girls hot n sexy photos Calvin and pulled up the boy's briefs, covering his most private parts.

Calvin's arms flopped wearily down to his sides. He massaged his wrists. There were red marks on them where the string had dug into the skin. One after the other, he examined the boy's wrists. But leaving you to be found in that condition wasn't something a friend would do to you; that was mean. So who was it? Calvin had a sick feeling in his stomach as he watched them. If they had come in a couple of minutes earlier, or his rescuers had been a little later, the results would have been too horrible to even think about.

He quickly went back and gathered up the equipment that he and Rob had dropped and took it across to the store room at the far end of the gym, dropping it there.

The two older boys led the way through the girls, every one of whom had their out on Calvin. They must all have seen him around the school at some stage, but here he was clad only in vest a shorts and it seemed they all wanted to get a good look at him. Feeling their eyes on his body and hearing their giggled comments made Calvin's skin crawl. Blake, the PE teacher. Life is good and it will get better, even though it was extremely embarrassing what happened school you.

As far as the girl with the phone is concerned, I doubt she has a picture of you; she probably was just intrigued by seeing you embarrassed and just room to keep it going. You can go to the police over her camera and they will question her and investigate.

Bullying is taken very serious now and you can do something about having it stopped. The police will be a bigger help than you think; if for anything, they can educate the school staff on bullying and that the school has to stop it. You are not the only one that has been shoved out of a locker room naked; unfortunately this kind of thing happens a lot. I was pushed pushed of my hotel room; after a bunch of guys picked my lock while I was showering. I was a freshmen in high school on a band trip changing that happened and It was a terrible experience for me.

A lot of girls saw me and I was mortified by the experience. Thankfully I had a school that expelled the guys that did that to me and a stiff talk was given to the girls not to speak of it again.

You have that same right and you have the right to demand that the principle stop the bullying. Good luck. Sorry, good luck. Existing questions.